Saturday 18.09.21

Show begin: 20:00
Admission: 19:00

Sunday 19.09.21

Show begin: 18:00
Admission: 17:00

About the show:

Mond Cabaret - "ANIME"

Once again MOnd Cabaret returns with one of his favorite themes, Anime (Japanes animation).
Get ready for the second episode of Juaniko's adventures in search of the three-dimensional Moon of the hedonistic power of the universe.

Juan Migama & Nicole Ratjen (Comedy Duo)
Arturo Bautista (Floor Acrobatics)
Daniela & Michelle (Hair suspension Duo)
James Kingsford (Crutches and Cyr)
Marie Faust (Otaku/Comedy)
Muti Santarosa (Magic/ The Bad)
Seba Moltrer (Juggling)
Penelope Elena (Contortions & Aerial Hoop)
Zhenja Genial (Object Manipulation/ Pokemon)