Saturday 17.12.22

Show begin: 20:00
Admission: 19:00

Sunday 18.12.22

Show begin: 17:30
Admission: 16:30

About the show:

Mond Cabaret - CONSPIRACIES THEORIES - Special Xmas

Once again we will be at Zirkus Mond with one of our favourite shows. A random mix of Illuminates, reptilians and spy cats. Dive with us into the absurd and bizarre world of conspiracy theories.

Follow the dark signs and come and join us at the last cabaret of the year. An amusing parody of the world of conspiracy theories.


Cast: Juan Migama (Director/Host)
Corine Bubbles Powder (Bubbles)
Franxi Natra Clowna (Hula Hoops/ Umbrella)
Johann Eggebrecht (JUggling Balls)
Paula Wolff (Aerial Rope/ Alien)
Tiago Fonseca (Fake news Juggling) Sophia Grace (Aerial Hope)
Vincent Kollar (Meteor) Zam Del Sol (Floor Acrobatics)
Gael Lecoq (Flyer Design)
Bridget Hollins (Costume Design)
Valerio Bonsignori (Stage Manager)
Pauline Kess (Light & Sound)

Saturday 17/Dec
Doors: 19h Show: 20h

Sunday 18/ Dec
Doors: 16h Show: 17h

Come for the Show and Stay for the Party

Parental Advisory:
In the show, secrets are revealed that can disappoint the little ones ;).
The deconstruction of chrismas may occur.
Not recommended for believing children.