Tuesday 18.10.22

Show begin:

Tanzen3000 at Zirkus Mond
Tue., 18.10.22 | 18:oo - 22:oo

[The door is open from 18:00-20:30]
18:00 Grooving In
18:30 Workshop: Kazuma Glen Motomura
20:00 DJ Set: TASTY
22:00 not tasty.

+++ TICKETS +++
The tickets are 15€. 5€ for the reservation, the rest cash at the door.
If you're broke, pay with a joke. Send us an email (tanzendreitausend@gmail.com) with your joke and we will put you on a ‘pay as you like’ list.

+++ CONCEPT +++
Tanzen3000 is an event with only one space: a dancefloor. The first half of the event is a guided movement workshop, the second part is an open DJ Set. Usually, everyone stays on the dancefloor from beginning till end. Music genres keep changing but in every set there's a moment of Hip Hop. No previous dance experience is needed.

• Be sober during the event.
• No ciggies, no drinks, no phones, no full-on-life conversations on the dancefloor.
• Consent is key: When you seek contact with other folks: it's great - just make sure the other is showing you a clear yes.
• Keep the dancefloor clean: dance in socks or bring fresh shoes.

If you are unsure for any reason (physical, financial, etc.) whether you can participate in this event, send an email to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.
Some info: Accessing the venue with a wheelchair is possible with some support (no stairs but uneven terrain). Toilets can be accessed with a wheel chair. We sometimes put on stroboscope lights during the dance but can leave them out if advised beforehand. During the workshop, the facilitator can adapt exercises to different physical conditions, including injuries, to create a safe and inclusive space.

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