Friday 23.09.22

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Saturday 24.09.22

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Sunday 25.09.22

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ORGANISMO is the embodied memory of how community and collaboration of individuals works together to form a single living being and absorbs the audience into it. A creature consisting of dancers, artists and musicians that is a multidimensional network of dance, wool and music stretches over the audience and incorporates it.

ORGANISMO is not limited to the ME. It is the WE. A symbiosis between performers and stage design reflects the connection of a community and cooperation that has been missing for so long during the lockdown and enables a spatial and sensual experience. The audience itself becomes part of this vibrant, tactile and sensitive organism.

With this production, MARAÑA enters a new sphere in between performance, art installation and live music.
It catapults us into an interspace, a different world . A world where dimension, time and place lose their importance. It is a universe where the collective living ORGANISMO matters.

Tickets: 15€ (Online or at the door)
All Audience

Idea & artistic director:
Paula Riquelme

Martha Kröger
Livia Etelka
Catalina Tello Aranguiz
Elli Berger
Kristina -Anne Francisco

Live Music: Kotoe Karasawa & Andres Aravena
Dramaturgical Supervision: Ueli Hirzel
Music composition: Kotoe Karasawa & Andres Aravena
Sound Design: Andres Aravena
Light Design: Luka Gyoha
Costume design: Paula Riquelme Orbenes
Costume Assistent: Maria Rodrigo
Production management and public relation: Sebastiano Toma

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