Tuesday 12.07.22

Show begin: 18:00
Admission: 17:30

About the show:

Tanzen3000 at Zirkus Mond
Tue., 12.07. | 18:oo - 22:oo

+++ LOCATION +++

18:00 Grooving In with Hip Hop Beats
18:30 Workshop: FLUENTBODY
20:00 DJ Set: Ben Pavlidis
22:00 Fading Out

Fluentbody with Florencia Lamarca is a 90min non-stop movement class. It's a humerous trip through mind and body, super accessible, and it actually has very little to do with Hip Hop... yet!

DJ Set by Ben Pavlidis - two hours, different genres, everybody shuts up and dances from beginning till end.

+++ TICKETS +++
Tickets are 15€. Reserve your spot (5€) and pay the rest in cash at the door.
If you're broke, pay with a joke. Send us an email (tanzendreitausend@gmail.com) with your joke and we will put you on a ‘pay as you like’ list.

+++ GUIDELINES +++ • This event is about dancing for a little over 3 hours, pretty non-stop.
• We advise everyone to stay on the dancefloor from beginning till end. A lot of things happen when you simply stay in it.
• The workshop is open level - it’s great if this is your first time.
• Please be sober during the event.
• No ciggies, no drinks, no phones, no full on life conversations on the dancefloor.
• Consent is key: When you seek contact with other folks, it's great - just make sure the other is showing you a clear yes.
• Keep the dancefloor clean: dance in socks or bring fresh shoes.

If you are unsure for any reason (physical, financial, etc.) whether you can participate in this event, send an email to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.