Tuesday 31.05.22

Show begin:

+++ TIMETABLE +++ 18:00 Grooving In with Hiphop Beats
18:45 WarmUp: Thomas (Tanzen3000)
20:00 DJ Set: Dave Dinger (Katermukke)
22:00 Alle kaputt

+++ TICKETS +++
Tickets are 15€. Please reserve your spot via the ticket link. (coming soooon!)

If you're out of cash, send us an e-mail (see below), tell us a joke and we put you on a "pay as you like" list.

• If you want to bring your cat... is weird. But you do what feels necessary.
• Is a pretty sober event because is already quite intense.
• The workshop is open level - you don't need prior dance experience. Just like relax.
• Try to stay on the dancefloor for the entire DJ set. Why? Because is very nice place. Rrrrrr.
• When listening to a DJ from Kater, please do like the Katers do - no ciggies, no phones, no full on life conversations on the dancefloor. Only meow.
• When you seek contact with the other Schnurris, make sure the Schnurris schnurr you consent. • Keep the dancefloor clean: dance in socks or bring fresh dancing shoes, if possible.

If you are unsure for any reason (physical, financial, etc.) whether you can participate in this event, send an e-mail to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.

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