Saturday 21.05.22

Show begin:

Sunday 22.05.22

Show begin:

“VR Still Real” is an immersive circus performance based on virtual reality (VR) technology.
It shows the interactions of five inhabitants of a shared flat in Berlin experimenting with VR headsets. Blending performative arts including acrobatics, aerial arts, juggling and group choreography with technology we aim to create an interdisciplinary piece of art. The audience will see the performers live on stage and experience their virtual world through video projections. By juxtaposing these two spheres we challenge the lines between real and virtual life. What is real and what is fake? And how does that matter to us? The answers will be sought in a playful way, discussing the influence of technology on our life. With computers becoming an increasingly dominant element in our lives, this show opens a space for reflection on our relationship to technology.

Duration: ~2h
Genre: Modern Circus
Audiences: All, May Contain Juggling
Tickets: 15-25€

*After show party with good vibes music until late ;)

Cast: Juan Migama (Party Boy / Clown)
Livia Mezei (Aerials / Yogi)
Zhenja Genial (Manipulation / Hipster)
Adrian Grzymkowski (Juggling / Nerd)
Karlotta Groffmann (Acrobatics / Anime)

Team: George Upton (Sound / Music Design)
Bridget Hollins ( Costume Design)
Simone Moreau (Visual Effects / Video Design)
Felix Ziesemer (Light Design)
Max Mittermeier (Projections & Mapping)
Alex Busse (Technical Support)
Borja Lozano (Graphic Design)
Valerio Bonsignori (Prop Building)
Gael Lecoq (Prop Building)

Max Mond (Production)
Scott Greenwald (Co-Production / VR Technology)
Maria Dedio (Assistent Production)

Sponsored By:
Zirkus Mond -
Three Space Lab -

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