Tuesday 10.05.22

Show begin: 18:00
Admission: 17:30

About the show:

Tanzen3000 at Zirkus Mond Tue., 10.05. | 18:oo - 22:oo | FB | IG

Location on Map <

18:00 Grooving In with Hiphop Beats
18:45 Guided Warm Up
20:00 DJ Set | Ben Pavlidis
22:00 Game Over

+++ TICKETS +++
Tickets are 15€.
Please reserve your spot. We will post the ticket link later today :)
Community Policy: If you're out of cash, send us an e-mail to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com, tell us a joke and we put you on a "pay as you like" list.

• This is a pretty sober event.
• The guided warm up is open level - you don't need prior dance experience.
• Try to stay on the dancefloor for the full event..
• We focus on dance - no ciggies, no phones, no full on life conversations on the dancefloor.
• When you seek contact with others, make sure the other is showing you consent.
• Let's keep the dancefloor clean: dance in socks or bring fresh dancing shoes, if possible.

If you are handicapped, financially broke or if you are unsure for any other reason whether you can participate in this event, send an e-mail to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.