Sunday 24.04.22

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PLAYGROUND# by Miguel Rubio

A comedic and absurd show that reaches a height of 8 metres.

"Do artists depend on their audience?
Yes, this is a reality; without spectators there are no shows and vice versa.
But can they depend physically?
This is Miguel Rubio's challenge.

His staging depends on the people who decide to support him, with their gaze and
with their gaze and their physical body, seated on eight chairs that form part of the stage.

Chairs that form part of the scenography.
Those he chooses for support will feel that it is really up to them to keep the staging afloat. that the staging stays afloat.
This mix of disciplines with Chinese Mast, Dance, Theatre and Humour flows to integrate many surprises.
Humour flows to integrate many surprises in a tragicomedy about unexpected events.
about unexpected events.

Doors: 17:00h Show 18:00h Tickets: 15€ to 25€

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