Tuesday 07.12.21

Show begin:

TANZEN3000 is Berlin's first sober dance that's more hiphop than hippie, more häh wtf than ommm. 4 hours of dancing till you drop. Alcohol-free, drug-free, rainbow-song-free. During winter bi-weekly on Tuesdays at Zirkus Mond.


17:45 Open doors
18:00 Grooving in with Hiphop Beats
18:30 Warm-Up: Psychosomatic Hiphop
19:30 DJ Set | tba.
22:00 closing

+++ TICKETS +++
Step 1: Reserve your ticket with via ticket link. You'll pay 5€ upfront.
Step 2: Pay the rest at the door - prices are sliding scale starting at 7€. For people WITHOUT reservation there are only few tickets available at the door.

2G+: Due to new regulations, you can only get jiggie with us if you're vaccinated or recovered. On top, we request you to also do a rapid test - WE ASK YOU TO DO IT IN A CERTIFIED TEST CENTER.

+++ WARM UP +++
We start (on time!) with an instructed hour of warm-up. Psychosomatic Hiphop combines simple grooves and movements that you can use in your dance with a Zen-like contemplation of what the fuck is going on in your mind. The warm-up is open for all levels of prior dance experience and accessible to body-diverse folks. People regularly feedback us that they don't really "get" our descriptions but, you know, it's the same like the story of the egg and the dog, right?

+++ DJ SET +++
Ben Pavlidis is sick, lies at home in bed and you can really knock three times on wood that you're not lying next to him. Neither him not Thomas know actually what music will be played but certainly no hippie music cause this is OUR party and people can't just do anything they like anywhere they want.

Stay away from Ben's bed, people, it's not a place to be right now.
We all stay pretty, we all stay sober. Pretty sober.
No ciggies, no phones, no full on life conversations and only the funny kind of conspiracy theories on the dancefloor, please.
No aliens involved - no funny.
* Google "consent".

If you are handicaped, financially broke or if you are unsure for any other reason whether you can participate in this event, send us and e-mail to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.

Zur Reservierung