Tuesday 26.10.21

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Tanzen3000 is the first Extatic Dance in Berlin that's more hiphop than hippie, more häh wtf than ommm. 4 hours of dancing till you drop. Alcohol-free, drug-free, rainbow-song-free. During winter bi-weekly on Tuesdays at Zirkus Mond.

TIMETABLE: 18:00 open doors 18:30 instruction: movement concepts 19:30 destruction: DJ Set | Ben Pavlidis 22:00 closing

TICKETS: You pay 5€ upon online reservation and the rest at the door. Door prices are sliding scale starting at 7€.

O.G., 2G, 3G, 5G???!? 3G: You can enter this event if you're vaccinated, recovered or with a certified test.

WORKSHOP We start (on time!) at 18:30 with an instructed hour of movement concepts, exploring all the strange ways a human body can or cannot move. The instructions are open for all levels of prior dance experience and accessible to body-diverse folks. People regularly ask us if this opens their Mulabanda and our answer is: sure, why not.

DJ SET Ben Pavlidis is a freestyle rapper, autotune singer, and a Dampwalze on the dancefloor. As DJ, he mixes Hiphop tunes with Afro Bass, Dancehall, West Asian drumming, Hildegard Knef and sounds you'd hear in a place far far away from earth if you had very good ears.

GUIDELINES If you're so new to Extatic Dance that you don't even understand the joke of how hippie this can be, here's a quick recap: Extatic Dances are also known as "conscious parties", meaning: * we all stay pretty sober * no ciggies, no phones, no full on life conversations on the dancefloor (on the sides yes) * yes! do connect to strangers and yes! make sure it's consensual and you're aware of people's different boundaries

ACCESSIBILITY: If you are handicaped, financially broke or if you are unsure for any other reason whether you can participate in this event, send us and e-mail to tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll give you an answer.

FB Event https://facebook.com/events/2755447964753077/

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