Friday 26.07.24

Show begin: 20:00
Admission: 19:00

Saturday 27.07.24

Show begin: 20:00
Admission: 19:00

About the show:

Don´t Panic!

Join us for a rollercoaster ride of giggles and gasps, where every act is a new adventure and every mishap is just part of the fun. Remember, no matter what happens: Don’t Panic!

So, grab your tickets, hold onto your hats, and get ready for a night of underground entertainment like no other in Berlin. This Variety Zirkus Show is here to turn your world upside down and inside out—with a smile!

Public: All Audience
Language: German/English & others
Ticket: 15€-30€
Here you reserve your ticket for 5€ and at our doors you will pay the remaining amount - price sliding scale - between 5 and 10€


Max Mond (Host) Juan Migama (Comedy)
Tzina Trikka (Hair Suspension/ Aerial Pole)
Leila Köckenberger (Aerial Plastic)
Braunny Lopez (Balancing)
Tanari Enriquez (Handstand/Contortion)
Feliscircus (Juggling/Unicycle)
Anaelle Molinario (Hula Hoops) Fine (Led Manipulation)