Thursday 11.07.24

Show begin: 19:00
Admission: 18:00

About the show:

MEANDER playfully combines elements of the circus – from floor acrobatics, equilibristics and hand-to-hand to juggling and aerial acrobatics – with elements of contemporary dance and physical theatre.

This contemporary circus show will take you on a journey of constant ups and downs, into the twists and crooks within us and around us. Who doesn't know the feeling of not making any progress, the feeling of constantly having new obstacles put in your way and being overwhelmed by them?

MEANDER is about the bends, turns and detours we take in life and on stage, walking on the sinuous line between stability and flexibility, with the flow of a meandering river. Six female artists break out of the vortex to set out on self-determined paths. In the power of their own will and of solidarity, they find strength and inspiration not to lose sight of their goals nor of their sense of humour.


Sabina Resch,
Valerie Moser,
Alina Hänle,
Anaïs Scheel,
Andrea Richter,
Sabine Duus

Rigger: Melle Hellmann