Friday 24.05.24

Show begin: 19:00
Admission: 18:00

Saturday 25.05.24

Show begin: 19:00
Admission: 18:00

About the show:

Kinder des Mondes - Varietä 24-25 May

Once again in Zirkus Mond our star varieté as always with the freshest artists of the city.

Entry: 18:00
Show: 19:00
Ticket: 15€- 30€

Public: All Audience
Language: English & others
Duration: 2 hours with 20min break
Ticket: 15€-30€
Here you reserve your ticket for 5€ and at our doors you will pay the remaining amount - price sliding scale - between 5 and 10€


Scotty Blue Bunny (Special Host)
Juan Migama (Clown)
Marta Paley (Cigarret Box)
Bellina Soerensson (Aerial Hoop)
Oskar Mauricio (Straps)
Sabine Duus (Vertical Rope)
Clap Clap Circo (Comedy duo)