Saturday 16.03.24

Show begin: 19:00
Admission: 18:00

Sunday 17.03.24

Show begin: 17:00
Admission: 16:00

About the show:

Spring is approaching and the organization of the cosmos is ready to bring back our reference show in Zirkus Mond Berlin, the show that gave birth to our circus. Yes, indeed the Varietá kinder des Mondes.

For this special date in the calendar we have a group of artists who will bring us a ray of light and a spring breeze helping us to leave the dark winter behind us.

Max Mond (MOderator)
Juan Migama (Local Clown)
Eve & Jarno (Comedy Acrobatic Duo)
Rosa Groll (Contorsionist)
Milena Schulz (Cyr Wheel)
Jessie Walters (Aerial Hoop)
Señor Rodriguez (Rola Bola)
Tom Timon (Manipulation & Balance)

Entry: 18:00
Show: 19:00
Ticket: 15€- 30€

Public: All Audience
Language: German & others
Duration: 2 hours with 20min break