Thursday 09.09.21

Show begin:

Kirkas Gilgamesh (Gilgamesh Circus)

A one (mad) man show

“Come and see them!
The extravagant ringleader
The strongest man in the world
The stiffest contortionist on the planet
The juggler who defies laws of physics (and love)
And the freak that tamed fire
In a one (mad)man show”

a show full of high level circus technique, beautiful visual appearance and lots of humor, played by one "master of disguise"


Creator and performer: Gilad Shabtay
Director: Arik Eber Set design: Ofir Shabtay, Yotam Peled, Didi Alon
Costumes: Revital Avidar

Entry: 19:00, Show begin: 20:00

Tickets: 10-20Eur (including reservation fee)

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