Friday 10.11.23

Show begin: 19:00
Admission: 18:00

About the show:

ROCK IN ZIRKUS (Live Bands & Circus)

LEV RADAGAN (Live Rock Band)

Dr Phill Harmonic (Medicinal Rock) - Special Guest -

Visual by Mahir Duman

Open Doors: 18:00
Show Time: 19:00
Tickets: 15€ - 30€


Lev Radagan is a Berlin based psychedelic rock duo. Comprising of multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, Lev Radagan creates a mesmerizing sonic experience that transcends conventional boundaries. Lev Radagan has garnered attention and acclaim for their unique sound, which incorporates a self-made skateboard slide guitar, resulting in a truly distinctive and captivating musical experience.

In May 2022, Lev Radagan released their highly anticipated debut album, titled "Witches." The album showcased their innovative songwriting and their ability to fuse elements of psychedelic rock, blues, and alternative music into a cohesive and immersive sonic journey. "Witches" quickly gained recognition among music enthusiasts and critics alike, propelling Lev Radagan into the spotlight.

Following the success of their debut album, Lev Radagan has been captivating audiences around Europe, Mexico, and the United States. Their live performances became the talk of the town, with their energetic stage presence and mesmerizing musicianship leaving audiences in awe. Lev Radagan rapidly established themselves as a must-see act, drawing crowds to festivals and shows with their spellbinding performances.

" Santana's guitar sound will take you into a journey in time & space, a blend of Jimi Hendrix & Pink Floyd " - Urban Cultures , NY, USA 

" Mind Blowing Performance " - Newcomer Szene, Berlin, Germany




Friendship. Joy. Dance. Healing. Freedom. These are the values we stand for, and which we happily transmute into our music. Wether it makes you laugh, dance, jump, our groove is there, spontaneous, random, crazy, and (surprisingly) on point!

Three friends. Three veteran buskers. Three seasoned musicians. What we do is integrate musical creativity with good energies, to produce joy and an insatiable desire to dance, to jump, to take part on the show – to be one with us, and let the music flow through and heal our spirits!

Being all very versatile musicians, it wasn’t a surprise the kind of connection that quickly formed between the doctors. True friendship meets musical compability. Technique meets spontaneity. Musicality meets crazy. Destiny creates family.