Tuesday 10.10.23

Show begin: 18:00
Admission: 18:00

About the show:


TUE. 10.10. | 18-22H

WORKSHOP: Ben Pavlidis
DJ SET: Dave Dinger

We continue our series of workshops collecting all the puzzle pieces which make up TANZEN3000.


Ben is known as a musician from his bands "Die Gäng", "Ohrbooten" and his solo project "PAVLIDIS". He will do a deep listening with you into a variety of songs, sharpening your ears for the different instruments and sounds they include. Can you dance only to the kickdrum or the rhythm of the vocals? Expanding the concept of musical layers, Ben will take you beyond embodying sound and into embodying the music's texture and emotions. He'll then switches songs every 20 seconds and creates a total rampage to the soul. So if you're afraid that this gets to healy feely for you - it will not!

The workshop leads into a 2h DJ Set by Dave Dinger (Katermukke/Bachstelzen). TANZEN3000 sets travers multiple genres and BPM, yet always with a heart for Hip Hop and nasty bass drums - so prepare for a trip!

▫️▫️ TICKETS ▫️▫️
15-25€ sliding scale. If you can't afford it, we have a pay-as-you-like option: Share our event on social media, support our propaganda, and you can pay what you want at the door.

▫️▫️ GUIDELINES ▫️▫️
If you are new to TANZEN3000, please read our guidelines. Most importantly, we are a pretty sober event - come as you are, but stay sober during the dance.

▫️▫️TIMETABLE ▫️▫️
18:00 Open Warm Up Space 18:30 Workshop 20:00 DJ Set 22:00 Closing

If for any reason (physical, financial, mental, etc) you are unsure whether you are able to come to our events, feel free to reach out via tanzendreitausend@gmail.com and we'll try to give you a swift answer!