Saturday 10.06.23

Show begin: 20:30
Admission: 20:00

About the show:

Los Baby Jaguars (Live Band). - Psicodelia Tropical-

LOS BABY JAGUARS. This young music combo formed by 7 experienced musicians from different countries (Venezuela-Peru-Argentina-Spain-UK) based in Berlin give a sonic experience influenced by Latin sounds, Psychedelia, Cumbia, Afrobeat and Latin Funk. Los Baby Jaguars played their debut show in March 2022 and are currently working on their first material. They offer an energetic and powerful show featuring layers of percussion and wild guitars of tons of different flavours that transport you; from the Peruvian jungle to Nigerian Afrobeat

Guitars: Nacho Guzmán - Emiliano Salvatore
Bass: Victor Calvo Díaz
Drums: Barney Riley
Güiro/Vibra slap: Bridget Hines
Congas/Flute/Sax: Jabier Walter Garrafa Lobaton
Bongo/Cowbell : Rafael Larrazábal

After party with Dj Radio Vampiro
(100% Vynil, Latin Music Set).

Doors: 20:00 Concert: 20:30 Tickets: 15€